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Monuments and Markers

Connellsville Memorials Provides Beautiful Monuments and Markers

Connellsville Memorials offers our customers in the Fayette County, PA area the finest, well-made, and beautiful cemetery monuments and markers. Memorialize your loved one with a stunning custom monument from granite, marble, or bronze. The talented artisans at Connellsville Memorials can design and sculpt monuments to your specifications. It is recommended, though, that you check with the cemetery about whether the shape and size of the monument is permitted.

Give us a call at (724) 628-9720 Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., or stop by the showroom at 809-B Blackstone Road on Route 119 South. Evening and Sundays are available by appointment.

Our Artisans Can Craft Beautiful Custom Monuments

The professionals at Connellsville Memorials have the ability to customize a beautiful cemetery monument. Whether it is a single monument, a double monument, single slant marker, double slant marker, or any of our other types of monuments and markers, we will craft and letter the memorial exactly the way you want it.

It can have your loved one’s favorite scene or quote, and we can design unique shapes, specialized hand carvings, and much more. Plus, final date lettering is always available for our monuments.

Types of Cemetery Monuments and Markers

Single Slant Marker:
Sits flat on a granite base,
but the front is angled

Double Slant Marker:
Designed for two or more people. Sits on a granite base, but the front is angled.

Flat marker that
comes with or without a vase.

Grass Level:
Flat stone flush to the ground

Etched Monuments:
Laser etching with unique lettering or artwork.

Similar to grass level but slightly elevated and sloped back to front

Single Monument:
Upright headstone is various shapes and sizes

Double Monument:
Upright headstones designed for two or more people in various shapes and sizes

Baby Markers:
Marked to identify the graves of babies. They’re smaller than an adult grave.

Specialty Monuments:
Any size or shape of monument, and they can come in a variety of colors.

Pet Markers:
Pet markers lay flat on the ground.

Statues can come in a range of sizes with inscriptions.

Benches can be personalized for a lasting tribute.

We Have Budget Friendly Options of Top Quality Granite

If you have a limited budget to pay for a memorial, a small marker might be your best option. Connellsville Memorials sells and crafts cemetery markers that make for quality, durable reminders of that special someone.

Markers can still have the same lettering and qualities of a monument, and they can stand upright or be at grass level.

Contact us when you need to order a monument or a marker. We can meet with you in our showroom to make a selection.